Kopi Aroma Bandung - The Best Coffee in town

For coffee lovers, Koffie Fabriek Aroma Bandoeng - sometimes called Kopi Aroma Bandung or Kopi Aroma Banceuy - is a must try coffee when visiting Bandung, west Java. The Aroma Coffee Bandung is an extraordinary coffee made with passion by Koffie Fabriek Aroma, a family company since 1930s.

The Aroma Coffee is special and unique. Every single pack of aroma coffee is made from selectively chosen coffee beans that has been cleaned and stored in warehouses for years to create a unique taste and flavor of coffee. The process is believed to reduce the coffee acidity and produce a strong coffee taste.

Aroma Coffee Shop sells grinded Arabica and Robusta coffee powder from 250 gram packs with their simple paper packaging. This small simple package is also suitable as gifts to friends and family who love coffee.

Aroma Coffee Shop - Jl Banceuy Bandung (Banceuy Street)
Located in the middle of auto part shops in Banceuy Street,
Kopi Aroma still preserve the old dutch-style building for the coffee store, coffee warehouse, and coffee factory. Some classic coffee machine from previous century are also displayed in the shop. The coffee shop owner is very kind and friendly to every guest, even for those who buy one small pack of his coffee.

Koffie Fabriek Aroma Bandoeng
Coffee Store: Jl Banceuy No 51 Bandung
Phone +62 22 4230473