Money Changer in Bandung

Money changer service in Bandung and tips for currency change in Bandung.

When it comes to exchange your money, bank notes or travelers cheque into Indonesian Rupiah while in Bandung, there are many options for travelers. It is not difficult to find currency converter shops or banks in Bandung.

Currency Exchange in Bandung
In Bandung, there are many places to change currency. Exchange into Indonesian rupiah can be done in almost major bank's branches. There also a lot of currency converter shops in in the city. Some hotels also provide money exchange service although they may not give the best exchange rates.

Travelers checks
Travelers checks are always more secure than cash. However, cash are more accepted in most money changers in Bandung.

List of Authorized Money Changer in Bandung:
Golden Money Changer.
Valas Inti Tolindo Money Changer.