Golden Money Changer Bandung

Golden Money Changer is one of Authorized Money Changer in Bandung with best exchange rates. Located in two strategic locations, Dago area and Otista (near Pasar Baru Bandung), Golden Money Changer outlets are serving money exchange on business days.

Money Changer Service in Bandung
Money Changer Service in Bandung

Money Exchange are served at:

Golden Money Changer Dago Bandung (Dago Area):
Jln. Ir. H. Juanda 89 Bandung Indonesia

Golden Money Changer Otista Bandung (near Pasar Baru Bandung):
Jln. Oto Iskandardinata 180 Bandung Indonesia

Phone: +62 22 2533333

Check out the real-time foreign money exchange rates (kurs valuta asing) at Golden Money Changer Call Center at +62 22 2533333 or +62 22 2536000.

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