Cafe Halaman Tamansari

Bandung has so many places for food lovers, and Kafe Halaman in Jalan Tamansari Bandung is one of it. Just like its name, kafe halaman offers a pleasant atmosphere for its guests. The concept of eating in the backyard is a compliment for their delicious food and drinks. The old dutch style building emphasizes the romantic tone in this place.

And here are some favorite foods at kafe Halaman Bandung: Sop Buntut Bakar, Chicken Satay, Bakmie Tasik, and Blueberry Pancake. For drinks, fresh juice are delicious and you can also order a cup of sekoteng, Sunda Traditional drinks.

Kafe Halaman Tamansari Bandung is strategically located at Jl. Taman Sari No. 92 Cibeunying, Bandung - 40116. Another branch is located at Paris van Java shopping mall, Jl Sukajadi Bandung.