Getting to Bandung - How to get there by car, shuttle, bus, train, or plane

Bandung is located in the Central highlands of West Java, approximately 120 km to the South-East from Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. One of the easiest way to get there is via Jakarta.

  • Jakarta - Bandung overland

    Cipularang Highway (source:
    The road connection between Jakarta and Bandung is currently relies on the Cipularang highway which usually takes around 120 minutes to travel one way. Other alternative routes are possible via Cikampek or via Puncak - Cianjur.

    The most convenient way to travel from Jakarta to Bandung overland is by hiring a car. There are various car rental companies in Jakarta providing hourly or daily rent with or without driver. But for travelers who are on a budget, there are shuttle buses (usually a 7-10 seater minivan) connecting Bandung and almost every region in Jakarta and surrounding cities. (LINK :Shuttle bus Jakarta Bandung.

  • Train to Bandung

    Argo Gede Executive Train
    The railroad to/from Bandung passes through tunnels and West Java mountains and paddy fields, offering a beautiful view for those who travel to Bandung with train. The fastest train to Bandung takes 3 hours from Gambir central station in Jakarta (Link: Gambir Central Station, Jakarta), 9 hours from Jogjakarta, and 13 hours from Surabaya. The Bandung Central Station (Stasiun Bandung or Stasiun Hall) serves Business Class and Executive class, while Kiara Condong Station serves the economy class.

  • Bus to Bandung
    There are bus services connecting Bandung and the surrounding cities. Bigger buses serve the long routes from major big cities in Java and Sumatera. There are two bus stations in Bandung, Leuwi Panjang bus station for buses to/from Jakarta and Sumatera; and Cicaheum bus station for bus to/from Tasikmalaya and Central & East Java cities.
  • Flight to Bandung
    Getting to Bandung by plane is another good options especially for travelers from cities with direct flight to Bandung. The Husein Sastranegara International Airport is located just at the heart of the Bandung, and serving domestic direct flight to/from Batam, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar (Bali), and Medan. For international travelers who wants to visit Bandung, there are daily international flights to Bandung from Kuala Lumpur and from Singapore.