Bandung at a Glance

Bandung, the capital of West Java Province is an Indonesian major city. Well-connected with Jakarta through the remarkably Cipularang highway, Bandung has attracted a fast growing number of tourist and travelers especially during weekend and public holidays.

During the Dutch Colonial period, Bandung is often called Parijs van Java or The Paris of Java, as the beauty of Bandung at that time is comparable to Paris in France. The city is also called Kota Kembang or the Flower City.

What's in Bandung

  • Refreshing Atmosphere
    Bandung is blessed with cool temperature, mild climate, and refreshing atmosphere for it is located at the altitude of 768 m (2520 ft) above the sea level and is surrounded by mountains.
  • The city of Art, Science, and Technology
    Bandung has been well known for the universities including Institut Teknologi Bandung (Bandung Institute of Technology), Padjadjaran University, Parahyangan University and the Maranatha Christian University. The nation's aircraft industry and Bosscha Observatorium center are also located Bandung making it harmonious with the Bandung High-Tech Valley initiative.
  • Relaxing in Bandung
    Bandung has so many place to pamper yourself in a posh and relaxing spa and massage.
  • Shopping in Bandung
    Bandung is the shopper paradise, a place where you can shop till you drop.
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